A07.My love will be true_말해줄께 + eVonne

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가 수 : 조규찬
앨 범 : 조규찬 Best - 무지개 (2002.11)
작사/작곡 조규찬

These are my words you\'re never supposed to hear from me at all
that I\'m just another one standing by you

Praying to the stars to become someone special to you
I\'ve been waiting for so long, for you to be near

My love has just begun since you called my name
as if I breathed for the first time
As light as feather soaring up high
bright as guiding light in my eyes

The world has just begun with your shining smile
as if you created my all

The moon was made out of your dreams
the ocean made out of your tears

I realize all on my own
wondering the reason why my heart and soul confused
Give me a chance
is it too late to be next to you
Won\'t ask for more

For the rest of my life
wanna give you myall every night and day My love will be true

Trying hard to reach less than zero
hope that\'s hard for me to keep hanging on to promise without meaning


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  2집에 있는 '말해줄께'를 듣기 전에 이 노래를 먼저 들었는데요
기존에 있는 팝송인줄 알았는데... 그게 아니더라구요...
찬님의 영어실력은 역시 ^-^)乃
이 곡도 좋고 2집에 있는 말해줄께도 좋아요 -
근데 저는 이 곡이 쬐금 더 좋아요 ㅎㅎ